Camping Gear Supplies

It has been a whole year since you had the chance to use some of the camping gear supplies that you originally bought to spend time down at the lake. You already know that the old bucket with the swivel top on it might need replacing, but it sure did work out great as a chair for the length of time you got to use it. It never made its way to the water where you could fill it with minnows and do some serious fishing with it.

camping gear suppliesSome of the other camping gear supplies might be worn out too, because batteries were left in some of the flashlights for almost a year, and might now dim a time or two and we might not find our way clear to the restroom area at night. This year, you plan to have several mounting brackets on hand to hold your fishing poles more firmly in the ground. It is time to get some revenge on the fishes for what they put you through last year.

Your camping gear supplies list is going to have to grow some, you know, because two fishing poles went in the water, and you never did have the chance to recover them. Those were some of the finest fishing poles on your camping gear supplies list for last year, and, by gosh, one day you plan to don some scuba gear and go back into the murky waters to find them.

As far as you are concerned, the best camping gear supplies are kept in the 48-quart cooler you like to keep by the fold out table that you always like to carry with you. This artic wonderland surely did keep those nice tender steaks you brought from home, nice and fresh until you could cook them. And cook them you did on that new, double burner stove, using the pots and pans that were perfectly sized to fit in well with the cooking utensils and all of your other kitchen camping gear supplies.

Yes, you love spending time at the lake, and waking up so refreshed and fully rested. The kids were really amused by the mummy shaped sleeping bags that you added to your camping gear supplies list especially for them. They thought camping outside was a true adventure and had a lot of fun erecting the 12-person tent, that looked like a palatial estate when it was lit up at night with the propane light that had that convenient push button starter.

On this year’s camping gear supplies list, you plan to get the kids another fun toy. They will be able to explore to their hearts content without ever leaving camp. They can also spend a lot of time gazing at the water too, and the trees and who knows what else.

You know their eyes will light up when you give them a pair of those nifty Olympic sized binoculars with the capability of scanning a 288 foot viewing field at one time. You know the kids can not hurt them because they are coated with rubber. They will also be thrilled to see that this marvelous addition to the camping gear shopping list comes with its own carry case, and a strap that will not hurt their neck.


Updated: July 24, 2017 — 6:48 am