How to Choose the Right Tent For Camping

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The work atmospheres sometimes make us stress. If you get stress, of course your work is not good; at last your work not productive. Stress can be caused by many factors; work pressure, the environment that not productive, air pollution, even voice pollution can make us stress. Voice stress often happened by the people that live in the big city or metropolitan.


Don’t make stress bother you, if you get stress so long, it can make your health decreases. For that, keep away from your city, get out and ask your friends and families to camping. In this article, I would give you tip how to choose tent that fit with the condition and weather when you are camping.

Tent is needed to protect us from the night and rainy. So, don’t make mistake when you choose tent for camping. Different seasons, different tent, too. Follow this guide to choose the fit tent for you:

Chose Dome tent

Tent have many kinds, one of them is Dome tent. This tend have modern design. It is not only easy to carry, but also easy to clean and of cause it is not heavy because its frame is made from fiber.

Chose the Dome tent that fit with the season.

This tent also has many kinds that fit with the seasons. If you make camping on the summer, choose the Dome that has many air circulation features. It is needed to make the hot air get out from the tent. Furthermore, if you make camping on winter, you must choose the Dome that has two coat, one as an inside wall and other as a roof; it is also known as tent cover.

Choose the size of tent that fit with the number of person

Remember, the aim of your camping is to throw away your problems. If you sleep in the tent crowd each other, it is add your problems, isn’t it? Moreover, the Dome is usually classified into the capacity of the person, for example for one person, two or three persons, etc.

Tent is only for sleeping

You must think that tent is only for sleeping and protect us from the rain. Tent is not used for cooking or casino. So, choose the tent that has small size. It is necessary to do, because the smaller tent that you bring, so easier and lighter carried along the journey.

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Updated: September 23, 2019 — 4:23 am